Ron Perera

Ron joined LYELL CASH PROPERTIES as a new broker in 2009 and has been the perfect fit for our company. We are selective about whom we want to represent our business ideals of professionalism, knowledge and high ethics. Ron shines in all of these areas. Nine years later, he is now a seasoned real estate broker, and Lyell Cash Properties is both fortunate and proud to have him with our firm.

I've been working with real estate since I was 30 years I'm 72. What?? How did that happen, and when?? I’ve worked in California, Ohio, Maine, and North Carolina. I opened my own firm in Hillsborough 15 years ago. What an adventure!!! Houses, houses, houses, a little land, and a touch of commercial. I’ve renovated 40 homes over the years, giving me additional insight and experience to help my clients. But the biggest thrill has been to meet a prospective client, build a positive relationship and guide them to home ownership or sale…and bingo!!...a friend for life!!! So many positive things have happened over the years and lucky me, I have many years of work and friendships to come.  


I'm good at what I do and clients...benefit from my experience and knowledge. I'm happy to help you…just call.    

I began my real estate career in 2003, after a lifelong career as a registered nurse. I knew right away that in order to make a meaningful career change from RN to real estate broker, I had to apply the same level of caring to my clients as I always had to my patients.  My approach as a nurse was to always put myself in my patients’ position…how would I want to be cared for if I were them? My approach to real estate has been identical. I do for my clients what I would want done for myself if it were MY OWN sale or purchase. This approach, combined with the wide experience I’ve gained over the last 15 years, has resulted in so many great outcomes for my clients. My goal is to always do the most comprehensive and professional job I possibly can and to ALWAYS exceed my clients’ expectations.


At my core, I am a detail-oriented person. That’s just who I am.  I begin each day excited about what I can accomplish that day, and I end each day asking myself if I put forth my best effort. I set a higher standard for myself than anyone else could! This translates into an extremely thorough Realtor who also truly cares about creating the best outcomes for my clients. Please read my testimonials!



My husband, Lyell, and I moved to Chapel Hill in 1995, where we lived for the next 16 years while raising our 3 daughters. When our last daughter left for college, we moved to a smaller home in Durham. Our daughters all benefited from our wonderful state college system and have all chosen to remain in the Triangle and put their degrees to work here. We also now have a young grandson, the love of our lives!



I’m all about healthy eating and plenty of exercise. I intend to stay in this business (and on this planet) for a long time, and I do everything I can to make that happen! I’m an avid hiker. I try to devote at least 2-3 miles a day to the wonderful parks this area has to offer. I do some of my best thinking while on the trails. A portion of each hike is devoted to developing ideas for my clients. I often stop and enter an idea into my phone so I can turn it into an action when I get back to work. (Sometimes I try to identify a nearby plant or admire a little creature while I’m standing there.) I guess it’s safe to say my dedication to a healthy lifestyle benefits not only me, but also my clients!

We are Lyell and Laurel Cash. We have a combined 50+ years of experience in real estate and decided to open our own small company in 2003. We started small, we have purposely kept it small, and we love doing business this way!

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